Ebb and Flow

Mobile Massage Therapist

"It's amazing what can be achieved with only 15 minutes set aside for a Workplace Massage"

Workplace massages can help with a whole host of work-related conditions; including:

* Stress

* Back, neck and shoulder pain

* Eyestrain

* Headaches

* Fatigue

* Repetitive Strain Injury

And for employers, providing regular employee massages can help reduce sick days, improve morale and increase productivity.  

There are so many ways this can work in your office (or studio, workshop, warehouse ....). 10 minute at-desk massages. 20-30 minute chair massages.

* Maybe you could put a space aside where employees could book a massage slot at their own expense once or twice a month?

* Would you like to subsidise your employees treatments?

* Or would you like to provide regular massages as part of an attractive employment package?

I'm always happy to tailor something to meet your needs. Whether its a one off treat or a regular slot, just give me a ring to chat about the details, or book a free trial session

e.g. Block bookings at £40 per hour

       30 minute slots starting at £20 for multiple bookings.